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Gamer Chat: Hiphopgamer VS Torrence Davis #bloodborne


What started as a troll on Skype ended up being a conversation about Bloodborne.  It was great because I got to chat without interruptions from others on twitter or people talking over each other. What do you think?

and you haven’t even killed the Cleric boss yet!
[11:02:57 AM] HIPHOPGAMER: Like i said big t i dont really like the game. Its boring to me i gotta be in the mood to play it or something. And also the game isnt hard in terms of the controls i just feel like the combat is cheap and they take away so much power that its like a cheap kill. Playing bloodborne to me is like 2 hand touch football instead of being tackled
[11:05:10 AM] HIPHOPGAMER: But the great thing ablut the game is the level design and how the world opens up the art direction is legendary i mean some people love it and thats cool but for me i play it once in a while when i feel up to it and got the time for that game. Right now im going in on borderlands
[11:08:49 AM] tordavis: It…defeated you…
[11:08:55 AM] tordavis: I’ve never seen a game do that Oo
[11:24:30 AM] HIPHOPGAMER: Well ? For you do u like every game you ever played? If thats the case superman 64 defeated everyone lol
[11:28:58 AM] tordavis: no i dont
[11:29:01 AM] tordavis: but for other reasons
[11:32:13 AM] HIPHOPGAMER: Reasons like what? This should be good
[11:32:52 AM] tordavis: well I don’t like the tales games. Pacing is too slow and it’s more like a choose your own adventure
[11:32:59 AM] tordavis: I want something I can PLAY
[11:33:16 AM] tordavis: the only reason you get so much flack about bloodborne is that you imply that it’s broken
[11:33:39 AM] tordavis: you would have been far better off saying, “it’s not for me, I need faster paced action”
[11:33:55 AM] tordavis: but you said things like, you dont get any thing for dying
[11:34:06 AM] tordavis: you gain experience and learn how to better defeat your enemies
[11:34:10 AM] tordavis: that’s what souls games are about
[11:34:14 AM] tordavis: so you do get something for dying
[11:35:47 AM] tordavis: but it’s cool
[11:35:50 AM] tordavis: time to move on to other games
[12:07:28 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: 1. Bloodborne pacing is slow i dont like that

2. Bloodborne does have performance issues with frame rate and frequent stutters and camera issues and targeting issues sony themselves confirmed these things and they will be fixed. It seems people choose to overlook the fact that bloodborne has factual tech issues but when assassins creed had bad issues it was bashed see the unfairness.

3. You dont get anything for dying do i get more blood echos or do i lose them do i get more armor or bonus items no in terms of dying i know why i die in the game and some reasons i die are because of the tech issues and some is my own fault as well.

4. The game is easy to play i just feel the balance is cheap like the 2 hand touch analogy i gave u earlier.

Now what did i say thats not factual
[12:11:36 PM] tordavis: let me address #2
[12:12:16 PM] tordavis: I have played the game for hours and have not witnessed ANY technical issues or frame rate issues
[12:12:40 PM] tordavis: and there are many others who haven’t witnessed these issues
[12:12:45 PM] tordavis: that’s why it’s not getting bashed for it
[12:12:50 PM] tordavis: feel me?
[12:13:04 PM] tordavis: so whether it’s factual or not, doesn’t matter to me because it’s not happening to me
[12:13:20 PM] tordavis: I streamed the game for 4 1/2 hours and not one technical hitch at all
[12:13:48 PM] tordavis: the game is not easy
[12:13:51 PM] tordavis: it’s hard
[12:13:53 PM] tordavis: it’s meant to be hard
[12:14:01 PM] tordavis: also, what game gives you something cool for dying?
[12:14:07 PM] tordavis: you get experience
[12:14:24 PM] tordavis: you can’t just know how to beat every boss without first encountering them and learning patterns
[12:14:37 PM] tordavis: once you learn the pattern and defeat the boss, that’s what you gained from dying
[12:14:42 PM] tordavis: it’s like old school games
[12:14:43 PM] tordavis: like Megaman
[12:14:52 PM] tordavis: you had to encounter the boss and die to learn how to beat them
[12:14:58 PM] tordavis: so you do get something from dying
[12:15:13 PM] tordavis: and I dont know any other game i’ve ever played that actually gave you something from dying.
[12:15:23 PM] tordavis: please tell me these games
[12:15:52 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: In terms of tech issues when the people who made the game publicly admits it has those problems im more validated in this debate on that
[12:16:06 PM] tordavis: maybe you are
[12:16:12 PM] tordavis: but I’ve never seen these issues
[12:16:20 PM] tordavis: and I can tell you on several accounts why you actually died
[12:16:25 PM] tordavis: and it wasn’t framerate related
[12:16:32 PM] tordavis: you died because you were impatient
[12:16:42 PM] tordavis: you died because you tried to take on more than one enemy
[12:16:47 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: And a game being hard is great but a game being hard to the point where its cheap is a problem for me
[12:16:55 PM] tordavis: you died because you didn’t manage your stamina
[12:17:06 PM] tordavis: how is it cheap? explain
[12:17:24 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Llike it should be tough to kill me like its tough for me to kill them
[12:17:41 PM] tordavis: why do you have this thought process?
[12:17:47 PM] tordavis: Why should it be hard to kill you?
[12:17:56 PM] tordavis: have you fought the second boss in Ninja Gaiden 2?
[12:18:10 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Ended ninja gaiden 2 no problem
[12:18:14 PM] tordavis: you needed a ton of health to beat him or tons of experience to learn his pattern
[12:18:21 PM] tordavis: he wasn’t easy to kill at all
[12:18:24 PM] tordavis: but he could end you with 3 hits
[12:18:41 PM] tordavis: why do you think the player shouldn’t be easy to kill in a game that’s meant to be hard?
[12:18:48 PM] tordavis: you are contradicting what you just said
[12:19:16 PM] tordavis: And a game being hard is great but a game being hard to the point where its cheap is a problem for me[12:17 PM] HIPHOPGAMER:

<<< Llike it should be tough to kill me like its tough for me to kill them
[12:19:37 PM] tordavis: and it’s not hard to kill minions at all
[12:19:45 PM] tordavis: most of them can be killed in 1 or 2 hits
[12:19:51 PM] tordavis: bigger minions even more
[12:21:08 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Ok if we are both making a video and we each have the same camera and editing software but i got the deluxe shit and u have basic its harder for u to achieve what i can cause i purposely created a disadvantage for u
[12:21:16 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Can u still win yes
[12:21:28 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: But its harder by force not skill
[12:21:40 PM] tordavis: that’s a terrible analogy
[12:21:50 PM] tordavis: I can make super 8 footage look good
[12:21:54 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Sorta like playing handicap mode in a fighing game
[12:21:58 PM] tordavis: It’s all about the filmmaker, not the camera
[12:22:45 PM] tordavis: you aren’t making it clear to me how it’s cheap
[12:22:55 PM] tordavis: I’ll give you an example of cheap
[12:23:12 PM] tordavis: M.Bison on six stars in SFII champion editon
[12:23:21 PM] tordavis: he can willingly do fireman’s carry anytime he wants
[12:23:25 PM] tordavis: THAT was cheap
[12:24:08 PM] tordavis: he was able to string moves together better than any human player
[12:24:11 PM] tordavis: but it’s 6 stars
[12:24:15 PM] tordavis: it’s meant to be cheap
[12:24:16 PM] tordavis: and hard
[12:24:21 PM] tordavis: and make you throw controllers
[12:24:26 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Exactly m bison was cheap cause of the unbalanced disadvantge the actual player had going against them
[12:24:28 PM] tordavis: Bloodborne isn’t cheap
[12:24:47 PM] tordavis: if you play it correctly, you can beat any minion with ease
[12:25:00 PM] tordavis: it’s only when you make mistakes that you get hit
[12:25:07 PM] tordavis: you can ask any season player this
[12:25:18 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Also if its all about the filmaker and not the camera dont buy another camera ever again
[12:25:41 PM] tordavis: why would I never buy another camera?
[12:27:40 PM] tordavis: I can’t do 4k in my current camera. I also need 4:2:2 and the ability to do ProRes and have better latitude on my video.
[12:28:28 PM] tordavis: I can make great videos right now, but no matter how badass your are, every director wants and needs a certain quality to their footage. Which has nothing to do with what you said in your analogy
[12:30:25 PM] tordavis: to set your film analogy straight, If you had a Black Magic URSA and all I had was my Canon 60D, I could still make a better video than you
[12:30:38 PM] tordavis: but the quality of your picture would/could be higher than mine
[12:30:58 PM] tordavis: it’s not the camera that makes the film
[12:31:01 PM] tordavis: it’s the filmmaker
[12:40:38 PM] tordavis: but I hear ya man! I’m gonna post this as a gamer chat. It was a good convo
[12:48:29 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Since you can make everything look great with what u got
[12:49:17 PM] HIPHOPGAMER: Great i like that post it this was good

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