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Torrence Davis Asks Developers, “What does next generation gaming mean to you?”


I wrote this in 2010 after 2yrs of questioning some key developers. Reading it today, 6 years later, makes it even more interesting and enlightening.

Over the last 2 years I’ve compiled a list of answers to the question, “What does next generation gaming mean to you?” I asked several developers and producers this question and here are the answers they gave me:

Gabe Newell
Managing Director
Valve Software
“The end of the distinction between gpus and cpus.”

Jonathan Knight
Executive Producer
“High definition, crazy fantasies of stuff that you can’t do in the real world that you can do on your big screen tv at home.”

Richard Ham
Lead Designer
Splash Damage
“Bringing people together.”

Gordon Van Dyke
“Bringing out what people don’t expect.”

Kerry Ganofsky
High Voltage Software
“Everyone started out this next generation looking for a pretty picture. In the pursuit of pretty pictures and Hollywood style budgets, people forgot core gameplay.”