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A Huge Thank You To My Patrons!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the folks that are throwing a few coins my way to help keep the lights on! I really appreciate it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the show since it’s return! We are now 7 episodes deep since the return and things are running[…]

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It’s Your Game Devs!

I’m pretty sure we are all sick of Anita Sarkeesean by now. Again, I can respect her HUSTLE, but her fame and recognition has gone completely to her head.  She is now getting invited to colleges and universities so she can tell developers how to make their games.  I completely[…]

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There Will Be Patreon

Hello fellow gamers!  Well the time has finally come!  You’ve asked and begged and pleaded and yes, I’m bringing the Warzone back.  We will continue where we left off with Episode #223.  You are reading this on the new home of the Video Game Warzone, vgwarzone.com.  Any info you need[…]

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